Scan2PDF 2.0

Document scanning is an extremely useful operation that allows you to transfer information from graphic paper to electronic format. Now it is difficult to find any organization that would not need a scanner in its activities, and in personal use, conventional printers are increasingly replacing available MFPs with a scanning function.

At the same time, the received files, strictly speaking, can be saved in various formats, but among them PDF is considered the most optimal for several reasons at once. First, Portable Document Format is cross-platform, hardware-supported by the bulk of professional-level printing equipment. It reads both bitmap and vector images, handles multimedia inserts, and works with line-by-line text recognition. It also adapts to all known color coding formats, uses electronic signatures, and much more. In this regard, very often you need a program that translates any other graphic format to*. pdf.

General properties of the program and how Scan2PDF works

Scan2pdf is a traditional Windows interface with drop-down menus, and it is very compact in size (the entire installation folder takes up only 1.07 MB). In addition, among the advantages of the product, it is worth noting:

  • low CPU and RAM load;
  • ease of learning;
  • high speed image and file processing;
  • clear program menu (English versions are also available);
  • concise, but very useful functionality.

The utility is universal for all the latest versions of Windows. It is distributed for free, but after unpacking and first downloading it will ask you to register:

program for scan in pdf

and confirm the license agreement, which exists, rather, for tracking statistics personally by its creator matthias koch and his legal security, than for the specific benefit of the consumer:


You can also click the "Register later" or "Never register" button-this will not change the available functionality. This is done in order to warn those who downloaded the program that it cannot be distributed for commercial purposes (you must first agree with Koma-code), as well as to protect this German software publisher from the consequences of copyright infringement by the user, and to prohibit its modification.

Users registered in the system can write to developers directly on their home web page, comment on the product, and Express suggestions for improvements in future versions. The program is not automatically updated, but if you subscribe to news from Koma-code, you can find out about the next version and download it in a timely manner.

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Features of the utility

There are not many functions in it, but they allow you to scan documents and cover almost all the needs of the average user in working with file format conversion, as well as common online pdf converters, and much more:

  • work with loading document images from the scanner into the interface;
  • save files to pdf;
  • load almost any image file format (JPG, GIF, BMP, EMF, ICO, TIF, WMF, etc.);
  • select the scanning source;
  • edit pages (background, offsets, positions), create new ones;
  • change images by size, margins, proportions;
  • label images with a choice of colors, fonts, and other effects;
  • manage the list of uploaded images (delete, save, and add, expand, etc.);
  • combine multiple scanned images into a single file book;
  • convert the color to black and white palette.
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Download for free

Download scan2pdf is easily, using the loader from the developer's website or any official distributor of its software. And since it is free, there is absolutely no need to transfer funds anywhere. Then unzip and save to the desired location:

scan2pdf download free english version

Important: the current version of the product is 2.0, so if you come across the posted version 1.7 and everything before it, you should still look for the latest one, since it has a number of small but very useful differences. For example, it fixed a common code defect in which, after activating the start button for Queuing for scanning several documents at once, the program completely freezes, and compatibility with Win10 is improved.

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The rating of the program

Functionality 96%
Convenience 85%
Support 94%
Release of new versions 100%
Localization 100%

The program Scan2pdf, objectively, is one of the richest options available and free – its capabilities clearly exceed what can give, for example, WinScan2PDF. And unlike Unity PDF, it not only edits PDF files, but also manages the scanner. And those who need a paid official scan with full support and support can use, for example, Readiris, however, if you write a review of this product, the section "Errors and bugs" can compete with "War and peace" in its volume. Of course, you can argue that the editing functions in the described utility are quite prosaic and simple, but the maximum functionality in this area today can only be found in Foxit Phantom, and it is known to be paid.

Summing up the conversation about Scan2pdf, it is worth emphasizing that this is the most versatile, simple and affordable way to work with the scanner with the necessary editing capabilities for the average user of the resulting image files, as well as an excellent Converter to PDF format. Moreover, this utility takes up a minimum of space and is absolutely not demanding on resources in the process of work, and its rich compatibility list allows you to use it both in your personal home and in commercial use.

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